Phoenix Arcadia

Arcadia Gateway Shopping Center


4325 E. Indian School Rd
Suite 105
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm
Same Day Appointments Available


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Healthy Living

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Dec 7, 2018 Our Studio

At Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia, we are constantly turning to new ways to channel and explore our healthy living and wellness.

Experience the Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Sep 27, 2018 Our Studio

Here are a few of the most common aches and complaints that massage can address. Experience the therapeutic benefits of massage today!

The Athlete’s Massage

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Jul 5, 2018 Our Studio

Here’s how massage can help restore your mind and body to get the athlete back in the game of training harder than ever before:

Self Care After a Knee Injury

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Mar 2, 2018 Our Studio

Before surgery though and as a means to getting on a faster path to recovery, here are some self-care tips for those weekend warriors out there who are suffering through a knee injury.

Movements of Massage

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Oct 30, 2017 Our Studio

Here is a bit more information about the different movements of massage and types of touch employed during a session to help revitalize and restore your sense of well being:

Coping Better with Stress

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Jul 10, 2017 Our Studio

At Elements Massage Arcadia, we recommend massage as an excellent tool to combat regular life stressors.

Boosting Muscle Recovery

Elements Massage Phoenix Arcadia Mar 15, 2017 Our Studio

Whether training for a big race, a one-off weekend hike and bike, or just looking to unwind after regular exercise, the art of massage can help empower you to feel like your best self.

Massage for All

Elements Massage Phoenix-Arcadia Jan 19, 2017 Our Studio

Massage is an excellent tool for individuals of all ages that can address a range of afflictions and symptoms.

Elements Massage Phoenix-Arcadia Announces Grand Opening on Dec. 17, 2016

Elements Massage Phoenix-Arcadia Nov 15, 2016 Our Studio

The Elements franchise will soon boast a new studio. Elements Massage Phoenix-Arcadia is offering a pre-booking special of $39 for guests who schedule services prior to opening day.

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