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Uniting Your Inner and Outer Lives

Uniting Your Inner and Outer Lives

Your outer life reflects your actions. For example, working on a computer, taking a jog, eating dinner with your family, or seeing a movie with a friend. Your inner life is something entirely different. Your inner life is where your rich consciousness lives. It’s where your thoughts, feelings, and emotions reside.

The main difference is that you can observe someone’s outward life but cannot access their inner state. But to fully experience the present moment, it’s important to bring your inner and outer lives together. This is a key part of living life to its greatest capacity.

Here’s how we encourage you to do so:

  • Develop Serenity
    We understand that life contains intense stress and pain that is beyond your control but that’s where we want to draw your attention to the control aspect. Reminding yourself that certain things are beyond your control can allow you to loosen your grip and let go. Making peace with the present means looking for serenity in uncertainty. Instead of looking far into the future or looking backward into the past, focus on the now and place your efforts where you have control. For all else, picture it as a current-carrying you along.
  • Acknowledge Impulses
    We’re programed to act and less to observe but this can be changed through learning how to focus on your impulses. If you practice, it can become a new habit that enables you to feel a sense of peace instead of just performing your go-to reaction.
  • Connect Richly with Self and One Another
    To unite your inner and outer life, seek out a supportive and caring community to participate in. Having a source to share life’s moments (whether ups and downs) is an excellent way at fostering emotional intelligence and nurturing a deep sense of interconnectedness. 


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