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Running and Massage

Running and Massage

Elements Massage Peoria South

As the days grow longer, there are more hours of sunlight in the cooler mornings and evenings – the perfect time to go for a run. As you get back into your spring and summer running habits, consider the benefits of therapeutic massage. Massage not only helps your body recover from jogs and sprints; it can also make running itself easier and help prevent injury and strain.

So how does massage do all of these things? First, it improves the functioning of the circulatory system, which means more oxygen and nutrients getting to your muscles before, during, and after a run. In turn, this reduces the tension and fatigue of your muscles. Better blood flow helps your muscles remain nourished and prevents lactic acid build up, and it also relaxes the muscle itself, improving flexibility. An improved range of motion can help improve performance by making it easier to move properly and efficiently. As you can see, there is not a reason why a novice runner cannot benefit from these effects of massage therapy just like a long-time runner! Improved blood flow, flexibility, and reduced tiredness and soreness can help starting a jogging routine easier and less likely to result in injury, just as it can help speed the recovery of a marathon runner or someone looking to add the tenth mile to their route.

It’s important to remember that massage, like a running route or routine, is something that’s very individual. At Elements Massage Peoria, this is something we not only know; we embrace personal massage as part of our philosophy of practice. We do massage the Element’s Way™, which means you get the right massage every time. Set goals with one of our therapists for your sessions, just like you set goals for your work out, in order to see the progress you want. Improve your running at any level by adding therapeutic massage to your routine.

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