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Rejuvenation Resolution Check In

Rejuvenation Resolution Check In

Elements Massage Peoria



Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, and they often fall into the category of “self improvement.” We decide that this is the year we’re going to take better care of ourselves – start working out, quit smoking, read a book every month for fun.  But now it’s February, and it seems like 2014 is old news even if it’s still pretty new.  Some resolutions fall by the wayside, and others are carried out.  At Elements Therapeutic Massage Peoria, we want to make sure that the resolutions involving better self-care aren’t the ones that get dropped after the first six weeks or so. 


Taking time for yourself is rejuvenating – it keeps you healthy and happier during the busy days of work and family and friends.  There are little things you can do throughout the day to give yourself that recharge.  Some take only a few moments, such as a “time out” where you pause and give yourself some space to refocus and re-center when a stressor becomes a little too much.  Other tricks take a little more time, but are more rewarding.  One evening a week try “blacking out” by turning off the technology around you.  Put your cell phone away, shut your laptop down, and turn the news off.  Minimizing distractions and temptations to multitask can help you focus on a single priority, which helps you be more efficient and feel less stressed out.


Rejuvenation can be as easy as remembering to breathe.  Not just the automatic, unconscious breathing of every minute of the day, but slow deep breathing with intention.  This can help you clear your head and relax.  It only takes a few moments, and it definitely falls under the category of “self-care” that is so important but easily forgotten in the modern bustle of emails, car rides, meetings, and obligations.  Be kind to yourself, and stick with your resolution to take better care of your well being! 

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