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Massage: It’s for Everyone

Massage: It’s for Everyone

Elements Massage Peoria


When talking about the benefits of massage therapy, sometimes we can get carried away addressing the concerns of an older age group.  The pains of arthritis or aching joints from daily wear and tear can be helped with massage therapy; stress from the office or from managing a family can be assuaged.  But these issues leave out a very important demographic: teenagers.  It is almost impossible to forget the difficulties that come with teenage years, and being young doesn’t exclude you from aches and pains.  Massage therapy can be just as beneficial to teenagers as it can be to adults.

Multiple studies from the past few years have discussed the toll that chronic stress is taking on high school students today.   In fact, one report suggests that high school students are often times more stressed than adults.  According to the American Psychological Association, teenagers report on average higher levels of stress than adult respondents (5.8 versus 5.1 on average).  And just like adults, high levels of stress in teenagers can have very serious health implications.  Some of the most common symptoms are headaches, irritability, lack of sleep, and even nausea.  On top of this, teenager’s bodies are also under pressure with hormone changes, growth spurts, and feeling awkward in their skin.  Massage therapy can help with all of these things. 


Regular massages, monthly at least or even weekly, can help reduce stress in teenagers, which can help reduce headaches, tension, and improve sleeping patterns.  In addition, regular massage can help stimulate a connection with their bodies, which can make them feel more comfortable with themselves and improve self-esteem – something that every teenager could use.  Of course, massage therapy is not the cure all for a teenager who is feeling the pressure of school, extracurricular activities, family life, among many other things, but it can certainly help manage it.   Make an appointment for your teen at Elements Massage Peoria, where we have minor consent forms to fill out to ensure that your child is getting the treatment they need to benefit them at this point in their life. Or call the studio at 623-399-4400.

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