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Massage is No Longer “Alternative”

Massage is No Longer “Alternative”

Elements Massage Peoria


Although it’s one of the oldest healthcare methods, therapeutic massage has commonly been thought of as a luxury – something only found on vacations or for “spa days.”  A recent consumer report, however, indicates that therapeutic massage is becoming more mainstream, as its health benefits become common knowledge.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association’s consumer survey, therapeutic massage is now used most frequently for regular health maintenance rather than for pure relaxation. Some of the Medical reasons included pain relief, soreness, stiffness or spasms, injury recovery, migraines, prevention, and general well being. People are beginning to view massage in a completely different light.  They see it as a viable health treatment, and so they are receiving massages in locations like chiropractors’ offices, clinics or studios rather than at spas.

Health professionals are beginning to view massage therapy as a legitimate option for addressing health concerns.  In fact, nearly half of the respondents said their doctor encouraged them to receive massage therapy.   Some respondents were even referred to a massage therapist by their doctor in order to receive treatment.  Massage therapy is no longer something done for the sake of pampering alone, nor is it seen as strictly alternative medicine.  More people are starting to therapeutic massage as a legitimate treatment option due to the health benefits massage therapy can provide.  Book your own appointment with Elements Therapeutic Massage in Peoria to experience it for yourself. 

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