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Massage is a Dialogue

Massage is a Dialogue

Elements Massage Peoria


Massage is not a one-way street, and this is something that massage therapists at Elements massage Peoria would like their clients to remember during their sessions. When it comes to comfort, pressure, information, or any other element of the massage process – it’s always open to discussion.  Help your therapist get to know your needs, and build a relationship of trust and communication like you would in any other setting. 


Sometimes, therapists need to hear what you want from them, even though they are the experts.  If the way the blanket is draped is making you uncomfortable, then let them know.  No therapist wants his or her client to feel uncomfortable during a session.   Give them feedback on how much pressure they are using – whether it’s too much or too little – at regular intervals, or ask them to check in with you periodically if you would prefer.   The therapist wants to make sure you are getting the most from your sessions, and if you want more information about a technique they are using or any self-care techniques you can use outside of the studio, they will be more than willing to share this information with you.


Massage therapists are not out to make you feel awkward or powerless in the massage studio – in fact, this is the opposite of what any therapist wants.  A session of massage therapy should be relaxing and comforting.   One of the best ways to make sure this is the case is to communicate with your therapist and build your relationship on good dialogue.  


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