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How Your Sleep Posture Affects Your Body

How Your Sleep Posture Affects Your Body

Elements Massage Peoria

Sleep is an essential ingredient to healthy living but did you know that your sleep posture and position could affect your body in a variety of ways? If you ever wake up with pain, stiffness, or stomach problems, these are several characteristics that can indicate that you are sleeping in an improper posture. Here is the need-to-know on different sleep positions to ensure you get the best sleep possible while helping protect your musculoskeletal system from degradation and dysfunction.



The best position for your body is to sleep on your back. By doing so your spine is able to maintain a neutral position, which can prevent back and neck pains. It is also said that this position can aid in reducing acid reflux and minimize wrinkles. On the negative side, back sleeping exacerbates snoring, which can prove difficult for one’s partner to sleep through.


The next best posture for sleeping in is on your side. This is the most popular position and it has many of the same benefits as back sleeping including reducing back and neck pain, controlling acid reflux, and elongating the spine. Several negative aspects of side sleeping are that it can aggravate shoulder injuries and increase slouching or round back conditions.


Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your body. It wrecks havoc on your back and neck muscles by placing strain on your neck depending upon which direction you face. The only positive aspect of this position is that it oftentimes decreases the severity of snoring due to opening your airway better.


Above all else, it’s best to find the position that enables you to get the best night’s sleep. Experiment with different positions and accompanying pillows to find comfort. When you wake in the morning, you should feel rested and full of energy without any aches and pains!


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