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Elements Peoria - The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Elements Peoria - The Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Elements Peoria


Therapeutic massage is able to help with stress, joint pain, sport injury, and many other health conditions. However, one condition that tends to get overlooked frequently when it comes to the benefits of therapeutic massage is pregnancy. Research has recently taken a serious look at what the benefits for pregnant women could be, and their results are staggering. Prenatal massage as been shown to help with hormone regulation, swelling, and even nerve pain.

Of course, while most therapists are trained in prenatal massage, it is wise to make sure that they are qualified. But once you have found a therapist, studies have shown that prenatal massage can reduces anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, and help with muscle soreness and joint pain. Typically, Swedish massage is the technique that is used to achieve these outcomes; it focuses on relieving muscle tension and increasing blood and lymphatic circulation, which in turn target some of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

Of course, prenatal massage is not enough on its own, but it can be incorporated to other prenatal care routines, alongside vitamins and exercise. It is an excellent addition to help manage some of the physical side effects of pregnancy.

For your pre-natal massage, or to book one for a loved one, call Elements Peoria at (623) 399-4400.

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