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Paradise Valley Phoenix

Paradise Village Gateway

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10625 N Tatum Blvd
Unit D138
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
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Blog / News and Highlights

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Aug 17, 2016 News and Highlights

A great massage is built on more than just a comfy massage table. Here are five steps that you can take before your next appointment to help ensure that you leave the studio feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Jun 17, 2016 News and Highlights

To deliver on this promise with a truly therapeutic experience, the following key items are central to the way Elements Massage Paradise Valley do business.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Apr 12, 2016 News and Highlights

With a brand built on two key components: The Elements Way and The Elements Promise, our principles recognize the importance of the art of massage and its transformative powers to change lives by addressing a wide range of physical and mental components of daily life.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Mar 4, 2016 News and Highlights

At Elements Paradise Valley, we are excited to announce a new offering to our menu: Aromatherapy. Available as an add on to increase the relaxation factor of any massage session with our talented team, aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, and other parts of plants to help enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Dec 10, 2015 News and Highlights

Massage is a great tool to help combat the daily tasks placed on your feet. When given the appropriate attention through movement and pressure, massage can help boost many health benefits.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Oct 21, 2015 News and Highlights

This season, learn how you can take better care of yourself with the art of massage during winter from Elements Massage Paradise Valley.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Sep 17, 2015 News and Highlights

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue revolving around inflammation and the entrapment of nerves in the wrist and hand areas. Elements Massage Paradise Valley explains how massage may help.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Aug 20, 2015 News and Highlights

To address a range of symptoms common to a pregnancy, pre-natal massage is an excellent tool to induce relaxation and promote a positive, healthy experience.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Jul 13, 2015 News and Highlights

Elements Paradise Valley explains several ways you can naturally boost your creative energies and reinvigorate your focus to maximize everyday’s potential and help keep you feeling fresh and productive.

Elements Massage Paradise Valley Jun 10, 2015 News and Highlights

Here are four reasons why you should book your next session with one of our knowledgeable massage therapists at our Elements Paradise Valley studio!

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