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824 Fort Salonga Rd
Northport, NY 11768

Mon - Fri 9am - 9pm
Sat - Sun 9am - 8pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

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The Observer- Elements of Northport Article

The Observer- Elements of Northport Article

The Observer

     For Rich and Christine Desantis, the decision to start their own business in Northport was an easy one. Both financial professionals by trade, they knew they wanted to shift their focus away from the hustle and bustle of the business world and start their own small business here in town that would contribute to the overall health and wellness of the community.

     When they had the opportunity to open Elements Therapeutic Massage of Northport, they knew it was the right decision. Both have experienced first- hand the enormous benefits of massage and are eager to educate the public about its positive effects. Many people are still unaware of its role in relieving chronic pain, reducing stress, improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and even addressing issues like migraines, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

     "Educating the public about the benefits of therapeutic massage is our primary focus. What we're learning is that so many people have misconceptions about massage. They don't realize how truly healing massage can be. For example, a client called to cancel her appointment because of a migraine headache. What she didn't realize is that massage is great for migraines. We convinced her to come in anyway, and she walked out pain-free. Many people also don't realize that massage is great for children, as well as adults. We have a spacious couples' room that can also be used by mothers and daughters or fathers and sons. Children and teens are subject to stress and even depression in the same way as adults. Massage releases endorphins and helps them to deal with stress effectively. For many parents, it never occurs to them to try massage for their children's issues, but massage has been helpful for many children who've come in. Also, because the parent can be in the room with their children, they feel comfortable bringing them in for treatment."

     "In another example, a wife inquired if massage could help with her husband's chronic pain. Massage was foreign to him and he didn't know if he'd be comfortable getting a massage. To help him deal with his apprehension, we scheduled an appointment for him to meet one of our massage therapists. During his visit he toured the facility including the massage room. He also had a private consult with our therapist. We addressed any fears or concerns he had. After this meeting, he agreed to give it a try. After a few weeks of treatment, he was completely won over and, for the first time in years, could move around without pain. His wife called us personally, saying 'thank you for giving me back my husband.' That statement makes all the hard work worth it."

     Along with their focus on educating the publiv about the benefits of massage and helping their clients to overcome any initial reservations, Rich and Christine are committed to excellence in customer service. Christine grew up watching her dad run his own small business and would often tag along on errands and visits to clients. His dedication to superior customer service was the foundation of his business, and has been the model for Rich and Christine. "For my dad, every client was important," says Christine, "and superior customer service was the reason for his success. That is what I believe will make Elements successful as well. My goal is to make sure everyone who visits our studio walks away feeling like they are our most important customer. We constantly strive to make every massage a 10+ experience."

     Rich and Christine welcome you to come see their studio and experience for yourself the positive effects of a therapeutic massage. Elements Therapeutic Massage of Northport is located at 824 Fort Salonga Road in Northport and is open seven days a week, Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm, and Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm. Walk-ins are welcome or call for an appointment at (631) 651-5700. Or visit them online at and read all of the wonderful things people are saying about their experiences at Elements Therapeutic Massage.   

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