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How to Be Happier in January Than in July

How to Be Happier in January Than in July

Jena Pincott

Return to a Brighter and Cozier Time

If meditating isn’t your thing, try remembering. Nostalgia is a  heater, finds a new study at the University of Southampton in England. In five  different experiments, people who invoked sweet, sentimental memories felt physically warmer than those who were asked to recall ordinary events. When the  nostalgia group sat in a freezing cold room, they perceived the place as warmer.  What happens when you focus on fond memories? Your mind, blanketed in bright and  cozy times, tricks your body’s nervous system into thinking you’re more  comfortable. This winter, if you find your thoughts drifting back to your  Caribbean honeymoon, the sleep-away camp of your childhood, or another bend on  Memory Lane, it’s your brain’s way of taking a retreat from the cold.  Surprisingly, even feeling a freeze can fire up old memories.




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