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Blog / Health

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Jul 13, 2019 Health

Prenatal massage can help relax body and mind, both for you and your child. Learn more about the benefits of prenatal massage.  

10 Tips for Getting the Best Massage

Jul 11, 2019 Health

10 Tips for Getting the Best Massage

Why Am I Sore After A Massage?

Mar 8, 2019 Health

You may find yourself sore the day after a good deep therapeutic massage. Here are three tips to avoid soreness next time you get that massage.  

Stay in the Game with Sports Massage Therapy

Jul 14, 2019 Health

Stay in the Game with Sports Massage Therapy

4 Ways to Have a Stress Free Vacation

Jul 8, 2019 Health

Vacation should be relaxing, but we all know every trip comes with it's own set of stress. Follow these tips to keep your summer vacations stress free this year

Cure Summer Aches and Pains with Therapeutic Massage

Jun 9, 2019 Health

We're more active in the warm summer months, and that means your body needs some extra care. Learn what massage can do for you

Spring Resolutions…Revisiting Our Goals

Mar 2, 2016 Health

Have you already forgotten about the goals you committed to early in the year? Here are tips to get you back on track and living your best year yet.

Couples Massage + Valentine’s Day = a Healthy Gift you Both Deserve

Feb 12, 2016 Health

You know the day is coming.  All those red and pink flowers and pastel-tinted conversation hearts can’t be wrong. Valentine’s Day is upon us, and you and your sweetheart are wondering just how to celebrate. You tick off the ideas, one by one. Dinner out?  Too crowded and busy.  Movie theater?  Sounds okay, but a little boring.  Stay in and binge on cashew chicken and Netflix sitcoms?  No way, buster. Your loved one is worth a little care, a little pampering, and deserves a Valentine’s Day that expresses how great you think he/she is. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. What’s a solution that is a gift and a date idea, all rolled into one? One that will even improve your quality of life? It’s clearly time to book an Elements couples massage for you and your honey.    

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day – Book Your Couples Valentine’s Massage

Feb 8, 2016 Health

If you’re looking for something unique this Valentine’s Day, why not try a couple’s massage? Now, this may cause some hesitation and perhaps a little apprehension — especially for men. However, you’ll be surprised that there are many benefits to a soothing couples massage. In fact, after the massage many couples keep coming back for more.

5 Tips for the Perfect Health and Wellness Resolution Plan

Dec 26, 2015 Health

The time has come to reflect on the year that was in 2015 and begin making plans for 2016. It’s officially the time of the season for New Year’s Resolutions. How do you go about making your resolution? Do you think about a couple of things such as lose weight or save money, or is your goal to get a new job?  Before you start throwing around ideas, stop and...

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