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Experience The Benefits of a NormaTec Recovery Session

Experience The Benefits of a NormaTec Recovery Session

Amanda C.

Elements Massage in Newburyport, MA is excited to announce that NormaTec recovery sessions are now available.

NormaTec uses dynamic compression therapy to the arms, hips and legs to increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery from injuries. The attachments slide on over clothing and then, using NormaTec's Pulse Massage Pattern, the system deploys compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid and speed recovery. A pre-massage NormaTec recovery session can help initiate the relaxation process and simulate the effects of the warm up portion of your massage, allowing your massage therapist to provide deeper treatment and relief.

Clients who have already received the benefits of a NormaTec session had this to say:

“I feel like I got a deep tissue massage – my hips and legs feel looser.” -Sarah M.

“I like this very much since I stand all the time when I work...I feel this is a nice thing to have and I will use it in the future.” - Frank L.

“I had never heard of NormaTec until my massage therapist suggested it to help with the swelling after my knee replacement surgery...I decided to try the NormaTec and felt instant relief. I still have swelling but the NormaTec reduced it and after a few visits, I see and feel a difference. It is a great addition to my post-surgery recovery” - Laurene O.

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