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Client's "I Let Myself Go" to Elements Video & Story

Client's "I Let Myself Go" to Elements Video & Story

Matt P

Recently our studio celebrated the holiday season a little earlier then in years past, with a fantastic dinner at David's Tavern here in Newburyport. In planning the dinner I was thinking about what I could say or do to make the evening special to everyone involved in our studio. In planning a "speech" I got to thinking about how much more meaningful it would be to hear directly from the clients. To hear from them dircectly about what they appreciate about our; Massage Therapists, our SCSS (front desk girls) and our facility. I figured it would shed such a better light on why we do what we do, if it was heard from the clients themselves. So I began thinking of a small handful of clients whom I could ask to be a apart of this video testimonial project for the Elements Holiday party. I was amazed how quickly I got YESs from each of the clients I asked, but what I was truely amazed with, were the words that came out of their mouths. To hear them say how important massage and Elements specificly was to their lives and hear things like "remain medication free" was awesome! Those are the things that really show us how much massage can effect all of our lives.

The response that I recieved from everyone at the holiday party was fantastic and made the time and energy of putting it all together so worth it. More then that, I cant tell you how much I enjoyed sitting behind the camera, as the studio owner, and letting each client talk, unprompted about what they appreciated about there expriences at Elements.

So although it was never the original intent, I decided allow others to see and hear what they had to say.

Thank you so much to each of the clients for being a part of this project with me, it took on a little mind of its own, but was so much fun creating!

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