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Dana | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: Mind Body Institute in Nashville
Favorite Area Of Focus: Myofacial release, and PNF.


"When I went in for my massage I had injured my shoulder at the gym and lost a lot of motion in that arm because of it. Dana was fantastic! She found all the problem areas and gave me almost full range of motion back. She also gave me pointers on what to do in between massages to make sure the muscles don't tighten up again. So glad I made an appointment that day and will definitely be coming back, even after my shoulder is back to normal. "

Dana attended the Mind Body Institute in Nashville, TN and graduated March 2017. The modalities that she enjoys the most are Myofacial Release and PNF. Dana became a Massage Therapist so that she could help people physically, mentally, and emotionally. Before she found massage therapy, Dana worked from home as a medical transcriptionist for a mental health clinic and a stay-at-home mother. During her time working from home Dana lived in various places including Okinawa, Japan. She loves to travel and would visit anywhere she had the opportunity to go and learn about other cultures. She has already travelled to the Netherlands, Spain, as well as various places in Japan and the U.S.A.


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