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Located next to the Chop House Restaurant

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533 N Thompson Ln
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Words of Wellness

Nutrition and Massage

Nutrition and Massage


Bodywork is hard work! We need to recover by hydrating and replenishing our nutrition stores. Consuming protein helps to repair and rebuild muscle tissue that we use during physical labor and exercise.

Foods high in protein include meats, fish, eggs, nuts and nut butters, soybeans, some grains, and dairy. Omega-3 fats, in general, are a great choice because they help decrease inflammation system-wide. Food sources of omega-3 include fatty fish (think salmon, mackerel, herring, sturgeon), chia and ground flax seed, and walnuts. Magnesium helps regulate metabolism, nerve function, and muscle function. Food sources of magnesium include nuts, soybeans, leafy greens, and beans/legumes.

Eat as healthy as you can – which means eat plenty of dark leafy greens (think Spinach and Kale), fruits (like blueberries), nuts (such as almonds), and more.


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