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I Love Being a Massage Therapist!

I Love Being a Massage Therapist!

Matthew T., LMT

I love being a massage therapist; it is the best job that I have ever had! Ever since I was little I knew that whatever career I pursued would involve helping people. I have held numerous professional positions throughout my life that did help others, but only tangentially. However, the lack of face to face interaction with others and the mounting stress of surviving in corporate America became too much for me and I began to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. I eventually returned to school and earned an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Being a massage therapist is so phenomenal because I am able to literally touch another person and make them feel better. I see so many clients who are extremely stressed out, or in physical pain and an hour later they are feeling on top of the world. It is so fulfilling to know that I helped improve another person's life that much. I was living that stressed out life, I was in chronic pain from being hunched over a computer all day long. Now I am giving people the relief that a career in massage therapy has given me!

-Matthew T., LMT

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