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Why You Should Get a Sports Massage Now

Why You Should Get a Sports Massage Now

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A sports massage is a combination of several popular massage modalities customized to provide relief and attention to your affected muscle groups dependent upon what type of activities you do.

It is important to note that a sports massage is different than a deep tissue massage. There are specific movements used in a sports massage to increase circulation, boost blood flow to the core muscle groups, and a greater focus on tendons and ligaments to prevent injuries.

A great sports massage can either be used pre-activity or post-activity to prepare your body to perform or enhance recovery. Here’s exactly what it can do for you:

Boost Performance
A therapeutic sports massage can leave you feeling lighter, limber, and more powerful. By addressing nagging aches and pains, time spent at our studio can flush out lactic acid and restore your mind/body connection to boost your next performance.

Prevent Injury
Massage can lubricate your muscles, tendons, and joints. Similar to warming up before embarking on any physical activity, sports massage can be employed to make your muscles pliable. Additionally, it can reduce inflammation that can lead to soreness and pain.

Reduce Pain
The application of pressure and movement to your body’s muscles can encourage the release of concentrated knots or muscle tightness. When it comes to scar tissue, massage can promote healing and soothe the disrupted grain of your body’s tissue at the site of previous injury.

Better Ability to Focus
By giving much-needed attention to your body, sports massage can induce a deep sense of peace and relaxation for the mind. This state of decreased stress enables you to boost your focus and achieve a primed psychological state for your next invigorating activity!

Regardless of what type of massage you prefer, visit our studio to discuss your specific state of health and the activities you regularly perform. Our team is standing by to address your needs.

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