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4 Reasons Why Massage is Good for Everyone

4 Reasons Why Massage is Good for Everyone


Getting a massage will do you a world of good.

Most everyone would agree that massage feels good. But, massage therapy is much more than an escape from life’s stresses. A regular massage is good for your overall health. It lays the foundation to nurture a healthier lifestyle and promote healing and wellness.

Naturally, you are sure to feel refreshed and relaxed during and after your massage. Massage can help you achieve a balanced lifestyle due to its amazing therapeutic qualities. Massage therapy offers both physical and emotional benefits. You will acquire a more balanced perspective as you face the demands of your life.

1.    Reduce Stress

Between work, family, the environment and society, everybody experiences some form of stress. Mental tensions, frustrations, and insecurity cause the most damage. Hormones released by stress actually inhibit circulation by shrinking the vessels. This essentially means that a stressed mind and body means the heart must work harder. Breathing suffers and digestion slows. In fact, researchers have estimated 80% of disease is stress related. A massage soothes the mind and body thereby counteracting the effects of stress.

2.    Aid Recovery

The reason you feel different after a massage is because it is healing and invigorating your tired, aching or injured muscles. Massage increases blood and lymph circulation. Lymph is a fluid that rids the body’s tissues of waste. It is dependent on the squeezing effect of muscles. Massage can dramatically aid in the movement of lymph, which supplies nutrients and oxygen while ridding of wastes and toxins.

3.    Improve Performance

Exercise changes the way our muscles work. The body demands more oxygen and nutrients and increases waste elimination. While the muscles are getting into shape, they can struggle to get enough oxygen and nutrients, so waste collects. Massage can also speed muscle recovery rates as it stimulates the body’s lymph system. By helping reduce fatigue and aid recovery, massage promotes more effective training.

4.    Prevent and Eliminate Injuries

Many believe aches and pains are an inevitable consequence to activity. Massage can actually reduce or eliminate what may appear to be exercise-induced pain. It can control fatigue, increase endurance, and help you feel better when used as part of a regular health program.

Consider massage a necessary piece of your health and wellness plan.


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