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Jenny, LMT | Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release

Where did you study?  Three Oaks Academy & Integrative Clinic in Boise, Idaho

When did you graduate?  November of 2013

What do you like most about massage?  It gives me the opportunity to help someone and make them feel good; I love the changes that massage can bring to a person physically as well as mentally. It’s rewarding when I can aid someone in developing a greater body awareness and help them to pinpoint what is bothering them. Massage is also a great tool in teaching and allowing ourselves to let go, which can be so difficult in our busy lives.

What are your favorite modalities / specialties?  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release.

Why do you feel those modalities / specialties are effective?  All massage is therapeutic, but I particularly like to combine them to provide a more rounded massage for people. Swedish is fantastic to not only increase your circulation but to relax your mind and slow down that nervous system. Deep Tissue and Myofascial are great at helping with specific problems and can help to release muscles and trigger points.

Anything special you'd like to share about yourself?  I love the outdoors and to wander on hikes or walks, I am originally from Missouri so living close to the mountains is a dream come true for me. In the winter you will find me on a mountain skiing and the rest of the time hiking. If I’m indoors, it’s reading and listening to music. I love animals and have two amazing dogs.


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