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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Elements Ken Caryl

Massage is a great way to address a variety of ailments, injuries, or to promote a healthy mind/body connection. If it’s your first visit to our massage studio, or if you are a regular client, here are a few handy tips to help you maximize the benefits of your massage session:

Be Punctual

When arriving for your massage, it’s a good idea to show up a few minutes early to enable you to relax before hitting the massage table. These few extra moments will provide a buffer to allow you to drink some water, flip through a magazine, and get comfortable with your surroundings instead of rushing in from work or errands feeling frantic and harried.

Speak Up

During a massage, it’s critical for you to communicate with your massage therapist about how you are feeling, if anything is uncomfortable, or if you’d like more or less pressure applied in certain areas.

Set Your Boundaries

In order to have a truly therapeutic experience, you need to stay within your comfort zone. At most massage studios, it’s up to you if you’d like to see a male or female massage therapist or if you have any particular sensibilities (like ticklish feet) that they should know about in order to provide you with a positive experience.


Before, during, and after, drinking water is essential to maximizing the benefits of your massage. Being properly hydrated enables your body to be best prepared to handle the pressure and movement of massage and also encourages your body to process toxins and waste immediately afterwards.


Pressure is a critical part of any massage and heavier pressure may halt your breath momentarily. Make a conscious effort to breathe deeply and evenly throughout the course of your session and if ever the pressure is too hard, remember to speak up and let your therapist know that you need to find a better balance of pressure and breath.

Although far from a comprehensive list, the above is a good start to help you mentally prepare for your massage session in order to feel your best walking out the door!

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