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Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

Stress can impact individuals in many different ways. Physically, it often is associated with symptoms such as tension or migraine headaches, increased anxiety levels, upset stomach or even racing pulse. Mentally, it can disrupt your ability to concentrate, deplete creative energies, and make it impossible to focus on any task at hand. Being stuck in a cycle of high stress can make you feel helpless.

Whether stemming from big life changes like moving or starting a new job, getting married or having kids, here are several strategies to keep in your pocket to minimize stress on both your mind and body:

Talk Yourself Through a Situation
Oftentimes just articulating what you need to do, step-by-step, to work through a stressful situation can help you set a clear path to follow.

Share with Family or Friends
If talking to yourself doesn’t help, turn to a family member or good friend for perspective. Many times, being outside of the situation itself, a second party can help deliver much needed clarity and insight.

This is our mantra of 2017! Ask yourself if there is any way to simplify what is in front of you. This applies to both mental obstacles and physical clutter.

Be Positive
If you set a goal for yourself to respond positively no matter what the circumstances, we bet you’ll notice a decrease in stress. That’s because it is easy to default to a cynical or negative perspective and it takes practice and effort to examine life’s possibilities as opportunities instead of problems.

Take Care of Yourself
Set aside specific “you” time to take a long walk, get a massage, cook a healthy meal or do a project you’ve always wanted. It’s critical to create safe time to nourish your mind and body, especially in the face of stress.

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