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Healing Behind-The-Eye Headaches

Healing Behind-The-Eye Headaches

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

The pain of a headache can strike suddenly or else build slowly with pressure that increasingly interferes with your ability to concentrate and function. Headaches that occur specifically behind the eyes can include throbbing or sharp pains that inhibit your ability to go about your daily routine. Other symptoms can include itching, burning, and dryness of the eyes as well as a slight fever or elevated sinus pressure.

Causes of This Type of Headache
There are several possible candidates that are responsible for causing a behind-the-eye headaches:

Dry Eyes

If you frequently work on a computer, your eyes can become fatigued, irritated, and dry as a result from your body compensating from straining to look at a screen too long!

Vision Problems
Another cause of potential strain and discomfort that can cause headaches is poor vision or undiagnosed vision problems. This includes a range of conditions that an optician should be able to address including astigmatisms and near or far-sightedness.

Stress and Fatigue
Tension headaches are oftentimes brought about by stress and fatigue. Starting at the base of the head and traveling up the neck, tension headaches often reside behind the eyes.

Hereditary Factors

Another category of headaches, cluster headaches owe partially to heredity. These headaches result in recurrence in a group of several days along with extreme pain, usually on one side of the head.

Dealing with Pain

Both rest and sleep can do wonders to help you navigate the difficulties of the pain associated with a headache that resides behind the eyes. Other methods that may help provide relief include eating regular meals to prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, OTC medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol, steam to help relieve pressure, as well as specific types of massage therapy to help bring about relaxation to decrease the intensity of your headaches.

Cranio-Sacral Massage Therapy

As mentioned above, the gentle approach of cranio-sacral massage may be able to help provide much needed relief from headaches. This form of massage focuses attention on the soft tissue and bones of the head, spine, and pelvis to target the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround your brain and also protect your spinal cord. Cranio-sacral massage concentrates on restoring harmony and balance to your body by correcting muscle and joint strains and helping to emphasis the energy flow that exists when your central nervous system is functioning correctly.

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