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Elements Massage 12482 Ken Caryl Ave, Suite A5
Littleton, CO   80127
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12482 Ken Caryl Ave
Suite A5
Littleton, CO 80127

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

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Words of Wellness

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Apr 15, 2015 Health

As the cold weather departs, next up is our favorite season of Spring. This year, get outside and take on new challenges to help clear the Winter cobwebs, stretch your limbs, and nurture your mind and body connections with a good dose of Mother nature. As the flowers start to bloom and our wonderful Colorado weather takes hold, here are several ideas to get you and your loved...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Mar 11, 2015 Health

The pain of a headache can strike suddenly or else build slowly with pressure that increasingly interferes with your ability to concentrate and function. Headaches that occur specifically behind the eyes can include throbbing or sharp pains that inhibit your ability to go about your daily routine. Other symptoms can include itching, burning, and dryness of the eyes as well as...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Feb 24, 2015 Health

While not a treatment in and of itself, massage is commonly used as a complement to other traditional therapies to help alleviate the pain of arthritis.

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Jan 15, 2015 Health

In Littleton, Colorado, we are lucky to live in such proximity to a wide array of beautiful outdoor activities. Skiing and snowboarding are all-time favorite winter activities and there’s nothing like a great workout in mother nature to really get your blood pumping. That being said, we know first-hand that the days after hitting the slopes can leave your body feeling stiff and sore. Massage is a great treatment that can help provide relief for your tired muscles and can help you recover quicker. Here’s a quick run through of the muscle groups most used during skiing or snowboarding:

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Dec 17, 2014 Health

Sometimes weekends are meant for relaxing. Taking some personal time off to refresh after a long and stressful workweek is important. While those types of weekends are great and definitely necessary from time to time, there are some really great things that can be done to help others over the weekend that are just as rejuvenating when all is said and done. Elements Ken Caryl...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Oct 21, 2014 Health

Whether you are training for the Olympics or a small athletic goal you’ve set for yourself, massage can help improve your performance. For runners, cyclers, hikers, swimmers, and basically any other activity that uses your body, the attention to health and wellness promoted by the art of massage therapy is key in helping you take leaps and bounds forward with your training...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Sep 19, 2014 Health

You may have seen images of people laying face down on a massage table with smooth black stones placed in unique patterns on their back and thought to yourself, what type of massage is that? Why are there rocks involved? At Elements Ken Caryl, we are here to give you the answers. This ancient type of massage is called Hot Stone massage and it incorporates using heated basalt...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Aug 27, 2014 Health

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-based essential oils to encourage one’s health and wellness. When it comes to the art of relaxation and rejuvenation, at Elements Massage Ken Caryl studio, we are all about exploring new ways to enable you to let go of life’s daily stresses. Here is the 411 on how essential oils work and what you can do at home to help...

Elements Massage Ken Caryl Jul 22, 2014 Health

Who says that losing weight is all about deprivation?  If you are on a mission to get in shape, massage therapy can provide you with more than just a relaxing indulgence: it can actually help you to achieve your goals more quickly.  Massage works in the following ways to jump-start your weight loss plan. Dissolve Subcutaneous FatResearch indicates that massage...

Elements Ken Caryl Jun 21, 2014 Health

Massage is a great way to address a variety of ailments, injuries, or to promote a healthy mind/body connection. If it’s your first visit to our massage studio, or if you are a regular client, here are a few handy tips to help you maximize the benefits of your massage session:Be PunctualWhen arriving for your massage, it’s a good idea to show up a few minutes early...

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