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Brief History of Father’s Day

Brief History of Father’s Day

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

Have you ever wondered why holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day exist? To help you appreciate the special celebration of upcoming Father’s Day, here’s a brief history of the two popular stories that began the first Father’s Day traditions.

The Sonora Smart Dodd Tale

The first story follows the idea that in Washing state on June 19, 1910, a young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of celebrating her father while sitting in church on Mother’s Day. She thought it unfair that Mother’s Day received so much attention and there was not a day of equivalent recognition.

Sonora’s father was a Civil War veteran and was rendered a widow when his wife died giving birth to their sixth child. Raised by her dad alone amongst her siblings on a farm in Washington, Sonora coined Father’s Day, originally on the anniversary of her father’s death – June 5th although the day eventually shifted to the third Sunday in June.

The Grace Golden Clayton Tale

Across the U.S., another story took shape that led us to the same occasion. This one starts in Fairmont, West Virginia. It is said that after a local mine explosion that claimed the lives of 361 men, a young woman named Grace Golden Clayton mentioned to her local minister that she thought there should be a celebration in memory of all of the father’s that lost their lives.

Despite all of these tales of young women wanting to recognize important men in their lives, it took several presidential candidates to finally make the day official. In 1972, the Nixon administration is credited with recognizing Father’s Day as an official national holiday. Many other countries around the world soon adopted a date to honor and celebrate dad figures shortly thereafter.

This year, treat the man in your life to a massage to show him how much you care and recognize all of his hard work! At Elements Ken Caryl, we’ll be hosting special rates for Dads and Grads this May and June to help you celebrate the important people in your life!

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