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4 Ways Massage Helps to Melt Away Those Extra Pounds

4 Ways Massage Helps to Melt Away Those Extra Pounds

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

Who says that losing weight is all about deprivation? If you are on a mission to get in shape, massage therapy can provide you with more than just a relaxing indulgence: it can actually help you to achieve your goals more quickly. Massage works in the following ways to jump-start your weight loss plan.

Dissolve Subcutaneous Fat

Research indicates that massage may directly help you slim down by breaking up the subcutaneous layer of fat. A 2010 study on 60 participants receiving three types of massage (mechanical, manual lymphatic drainage, and connective tissue) found that all three groups experienced a reduction in their thigh circumference, abdominal fat, and waist-to-hip ratios. Those receiving connective tissue massages experienced the greatest reduction in thigh circumference.

Help Your Muscles Help You

Massage therapy improves your body’s circulation, which delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while removing toxins. Healthy, well-nourished muscles burn calories more efficiently. By promoting better circulation and muscle relaxation, massage also helps prevent muscle injuries, improves flexibility, reduces soreness, and expedites the healing process after an intense workout. This translates to a lower risk of injuries that could potentially derail your weight loss plan, as well as quicker turnaround time between workouts.

Combat Stress

By simply helping you to unwind, getting a massage may aid you in your journey to lose weight. When you are under stress, your metabolism operates less efficiently, and you are more prone to engage in unhealthy habits such as emotional eating. Massage lowers levels of the stress hormone Cortisol and promotes relaxation, making it less likely that stress will impede your weight loss goals.

Reconnect with Your Body

When people are dissatisfied with their weight, they may develop poor self-image and even become depressed and socially isolated. This can create a vicious cycle in which a person engages in unhealthy habits, causing the health problem to become worse. However, the nurturing touch offered by massage can help them connect with their own bodies and recalibrate their focus to self-respect and healthy living. While it is normal for anyone who struggles with body image to feel uncomfortable about undressing for a massage, it is important to remember that massage therapists have been trained to work on bodies of all shapes, sizes, and conditions, and they will be eager allies on their clients’ quests for better health.

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