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Want to Avoid Holiday Stress?

Dec 18, 2016 Lifestyle

Endless shopping mall traffic.  Long, winding lines at every retail location.  Harried postal workers.  Impossibly-long to-do lists.  ‘Tis the season indeed.  In an otherwise lovely season of joy and giving, holiday stress can sometimes sneak its way into our best intentions and get the better of us.  And while you really want to be sipping...

Experiences or Things?

Bill Van Valer Jun 7, 2016 Lifestyle

When it comes time to decide what to give someone as a gift or what to spend your money on for yourself there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points us to experiences over things. Lets look at this from couple of different angles… At the end of our lives are we more likely to reminisce about things we did or things we had?  When we get together with...

6 Reasons Colts Fans Need a Massage

Bill Nov 8, 2015 Lifestyle

After watching the last two Colts games from start to finish (that’s no oddity, Just that these last two seemed to be more stressful than many others…) it dawned on me that they induce the need for a massage! Being a Colts fan is stressful this year.  Many of the things in the past that have been givens like making the playoffs or scoring in the first...

2015 Farmers Market Roundup

Bill Van Valer Apr 14, 2015 Lifestyle

In our house we love to get the whole family together and go to the farmers market on Saturday morning.  We usually go to the Broad Ripple market, but there are several good ones on the north side of Indianapolis. Broad Ripple Farmers Market Location: The parking lot of Broad Ripple High School Opening Day: May 2, 2015 Hours: 8am-Noon on Saturdays Binford...

New Years Resolutions and Your Health

Bill Van Valer Dec 31, 2014 Lifestyle

According to the University of Washington in a 1997 study, 47 percent of the 100 million of us that make new years resolutions will give up after just 2 months.  And according to a more recent study by the University of Minnesota, that number may have risen as high as 80% in the last decade.  So why is it so hard to keep a new years resolution? Most of us seem to...

All I want for Christmas...No More Stuff!

Bill Van Valer Dec 14, 2014 Lifestyle

So...not to be alarmist...but...did you know that in the past three decades, one-third of the planets resources base have been consumed and that the average US person consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago?  It is also interesting that the average house size in the US has doubled since the 1970s. All of this has to do with stuff.  We all have a ton of stuff....

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