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The Hingham Shipyard


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Teens & Massage

Teens & Massage


We might not remember the details, but everyone remembers the aches and pains of the adolescent years.

If you have a child, nephew, or cousin -boy or girl- battling their way through their teens, celebrate your teen’s youth and accomplishments by treating them to a massage at Elements.

Massage has been shown to provide benefits for adults with stressful lives and older bones, but teens benefit as well. Middle and high school students encounter alarming physical and emotional changes as they travel through adolescence, and the shock and awe factor of hormones and changing bodies can cause feelings of anxiety and depression.

In many ways, massage is an exchange of energy. This may seem a conceptual notion, the exchange of energy that happens between therapist and client has been shown to decrease feelings of depression in adolescents, while also providing a calming effect for people with ADHD, or a lot of nervous energy.

Regular or monthly massage helps rejuvenate an individual’s physical connectedness with their body. This increased mindfulness is invaluable to teenagers, who are beginning to come into their own bodies. Teens are also generally quite active: shin splints from lacrosse, torn Achilles tendons from soccer and tense shoulders from swimming is never fun. Regular massage helps increase flexibility; reduces muscle fatigue by bringing oxygen into the muscles and even helps break up scar tissue that forms after injury.

At Elements, we require that minors (under 18 years old) have a minor consent form filled out prior to their appointment. Often their parent or responsible party will stay in the room during the massage.  If your loved one is under 18 years of age, stop by our studio ahead of time to get more information. Help your child’s journey to adulthood by calling us at 781-740-3160, today! Teens can benefit from the same new client speacial of $49 for a 55 Minute massage. And can also be the other "Household" member in a shared membership.

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