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Progress, Progress, Progress, . . .

Rosemary Sep 4, 2011

Development continues at 1 Shipyard Drive. The walls are up, the tile is laid, and the trim is on.  Atlantic Design and Builders continues to do a fantastic job. The light fixtures are purchased and the water feature will be delivered this week. ADT security will be installing an alarm system Tuesday to keep us safe.

I interviewed a number of qualified candidates the past few days and this will continue to be a focus in the coming weeks.  Elements utilizes a series of interviews and a detailed process to ensure quality candidates are chosen.  Of course, massage therapists are also engaged in a hands on assessment of their massage therapy techniques. The bench beside our location has served as my interview “office”.  Let’s all hope it doesn’t start raining anytime soon! I appreciate the candidates’ tolerance of our “under construction” status.

We are on track to open at the end of the first week of October!

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