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Month One

Rosemary Nov 7, 2011

Elements Hingham has been open almost one month now.  We have had just a couple of glitches, hopefully not very noticeable, but overall things have been awesome! Thank you all for your patience during this opening period. We have eight massage therapists and three front desk personnel on staff.  Yes, Rosemary is still on site almost every hour, but maybe she will get a day off soon.    

The good news is we performed more than 200 massages during this opening month and 45 clients joined our Wellness Program.  Many of these members have already booked their second massage.  This is how the Wellness Program works best, when you start consistently receiving massage, the benefits will be cumulative.

We appreciate the responses to our one question, 30-second email survey.  The positive testimonials are very encouraging. But if we can improve in any way, don't wait for a survey, just let us know. Also, please remember to like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter and as always, thank you for your support.

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jan on Dec 09, 2011
we find your advertisizing very deceptive and troublesome. we';ll be sure and let people we know rgar tiyr business should be avoided.you give all massage peoplr a bad name.