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Rosemary McLaughlin

I am the Owner/ Manager of Elements Therapeutic Massage Hingham, scheduled to open in September 2011.  I have spent many years working in the healthcare industry. I am now very excited to pursue a career focused on wellness. Partnering with Elements Therapeutic Massage is a natural fit for me.

I started out professionally as a Registered Dietitian and grew to be an Executive Director at numerous healthcare facilities.  After recently earning an MBA at Babson College, it was time to pursue the goal of owning my own business. This prompted me to leave Marina Bay Skilled Nursing & Rehab Center after nine years in pursuit of this dream.

Elements' focus on therapeutic massage for well-being and health improvement is a worthy mission.  All of us feel the stress of today's hectic world. Massage is a key ingredient of an overall wellness program that helps you strike a balance with work, family, and health.

Promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and reducing pain are the benefits delivered by Elements Therapeutic Massage. I can't wait to help you feel better.

Stayed tuned for information about our opening.

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Comments (3)

Sue on Aug 28, 2011
SO excited that you are coming to Hingham. I used to be a monthly member in West Newton, then got a jopb in Quincy and moved to Weymouth, so ended it after the year closed. will look forward to your opening!

BoB McLaughlin on Oct 03, 2011
Hi Ro, Great bio and picture. I will call about wensday.

Suzann Sweeney on Nov 08, 2011
Hi Rosemary - It was nice meeting you yesterday. I hope you were able to look through the Plum District packet or even use the $5 shopping card for a deal on our site!

I understand you had some hesitance about what we offer and how highlighting a deal works so I wanted to loop back to you some information on how working with us would help grow your business.

For one, we haven't had a massage therapy deal on our site recently so I think a massage offer would be popular with our moms.

I know you currently have a special offer of $49 for a 55-minute massage which is really great. If $49 is the lowest price you feel you can offer as a special why not use Plum District to send that offer out to our 15,000 mothers in the Greater Boston area?

Here is how the deal would work: Subscribers would pay $49 for the 55-minute massage and then you would make $29.40 per voucher and Plum District would make $19.60, doing a 60/40 split.
All monies earned would be sent to you within 14 business days of the deal closing (approx. 4 days).

I think this would be a great way to bring new customers to you and get some awareness in the marketplace.

To look at the flip side if for some reason no vouchers are purchased by our subscribers Elements is getting free advertising on our site to over 15,000 mothers in the area. (I checked our subscriber stats this morning with my manager).

Please let me know your thoughts upon review. If you have any other ideas on possible deals, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Suzann Sweeney