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The Hingham Shipyard

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9 Shipyard Dr
Suite 1C
Hingham, MA 02043

Mon - Sun 9am - 9:30pm
24-Hour Cancellation Policy

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Video Tour of Elements Hingham

Rosemary Sep 21, 2012 Our Studio

Never been to Elements?  We are located at the beautiful Hingham Shipyard. Check out this video tour.  Sorry about the camera work, not my specialty.  But this video provides a good idea of what you'll experience on your visit to Elements. Professional, Clean, Comfortable, nothing to be intimadated about.  Take a look!

Elements Update

Rosemary Mar 13, 2012 Our Studio

March Update - Staff & Members

December 2011

Rosemary Dec 28, 2011 Our Studio

Gift Cards & Wellness Program Members

Month One

Rosemary Nov 7, 2011 Our Studio

Lots of massages and wellness program members

Progress, Progress, Progress, . . .

Rosemary Sep 4, 2011 Our Studio

Construction Update and Candidate Interviews


Rosemary McLaughlin Jul 24, 2011 Our Studio

Meet Owner/Manager Rosemary McLaughlin

Build Out Starts

Rosemary Aug 17, 2011 Our Studio

August 1st -Construction Begins

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