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A Monthly massage is Great relief for the Columbus Workforce

A Monthly massage is Great relief for the Columbus Workforce

Jonathan Seiler

Elements Therapeutic Massage in Hilliard, OH offers a wellness program that includes a monthly massage.

The greater Columbus, Ohio area is home to a large white collar and tech workforce that is often sitting and working at computers for hours at a time, which causes stress and lowered immunity. It is not a secret that people who are working all of the time are more likely to call in sick and deal with mood disorders. They also suffer from the lack of sunlight and the increased exposure to germs and indoor allergens.

Elements Therapeutic Massage in Hilliard Ohio offers a wellness program that includes a monthly massage. You do not have to worry about long-term commitments, as you can drop out at any time with only 30 days notice.The Elements Wellness Program offers participants savings on every type of massage, gift cards at reduced rates, specials only available to members, and if you have a massage session that goes unused, it will roll over to the next month.

Massage offers dozens of benefits. It helps you sleep better at night, lowers blood pressure, combats mood disorders, boosts immunity, and reduces stress-induced pain. This is done by physically manipulating the body and re-energizing the immune system. Your circulation improves, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow better. Endorphins are released which treats pain naturally, as well as raising one's mood.

Finally, with the increased blood flow, joints are relaxed and flexibility is increased. Joining our monthly massage Wellness Program is a beneficial way to boost company business. Employees are less stressed, healthier, and will work more efficiently. Having employees that are easier to work with will make the workplace more enjoyable overall. Elements Therapeutic Massage knows how to customize massages to help each person, so make sure you talk to the therapists before you make your decision.

For more information, see our Wellness Program page and call us at (614) 777-0222 or send us an email at our contact page.

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