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A Survey of Massage Modalities

A Survey of Massage Modalities

Elements Massage Highlands Ranch

As one of the world’s most natural solutions for aches and pains, massage therapy is an excellent tool to promote heath and wellness. As a non-pharmacological, non-invasive approach, the holistic nature of massage boasts a variety of benefits for a wide array of ailments including physical or mental functions. From relieving anxiety and stress to alleviating sore muscles and headaches, there are many different modalities of massage that target specific issues in regards to your health and wellbeing. Here’s a quick tour of the types of massage we offer at Elements Massage Highlands Ranch:

  • Swedish Massage
    For those new to massage, Swedish massage is a great place to start. This modality employs gentle pressure, kneading, and movements to help work out muscle aches and pains while also releasing tension and stress.
  • Trigger Point Massage
    You may have heard the words trigger point but until now didn’t know what they mean. Trigger point concentrates on specific sources of pain. This type of massage works by applying hard direct pressure on certain points to promote release. It’s an excellent tool to help the body let go of deep aches and muscle knots.
  • Hot Stone Massage
    This type of massage is appropriately named for its use of heated basalt rocks to calm the central nervous system and prepare the muscles to release tension during massage. It can also stimulate the body’s endocrine system to help achieve relaxation and reinvigorate the body’s energy levels.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep Tissue massage is a type of massage that uses heavy pressure, cross-grain muscle friction, and deep kneading to work out your body’s muscle knots and sore spots. Just as the name implies, it can be a bit uncomfortable for the massage novice but does wonders to hit the reset button for any deeply rooted hotspots of tension.

Depending upon what you are looking for, at Elements Massage Highlands Ranch studio, our expert staff of massage therapists are on hand to help you select the right type of massage to address your individual needs.

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