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"What do I like most about Fall?"

"What do I like most about Fall?"

"The smell, the cooler air, and the energy behind it... Autumn is a season of contentment, peacefulness, and the connectivity a-rising from deep inside every one of us. A time of searching where we are currrently, and whether we are ready to move to a different place in life; or whether it is time to just be still for a little longer."

Vee Shiffler, LMT


"I love the colors of fall,the crisp cool air that blows throughout the  day, it’s a sign that people are getting ready for house parties, planning for the holidays; just enjoying all the beauty around them that God has created."

Daryl Latimer, LMT


"It's hammock time!"

 Jeremy Alford, LMT


"Fall reminds me of change. The natural order of things. The colors, smells, temperature  and light is not the ending of one season, but the start and renewel of another. The tranformation cycle of one into another.  The fall to me seems less hurried and calmer."

Silvia Mariani, LMT


"Being from Upstate NY, I love a South Carolina Fall because it is NOT a South Carolina summer."

Dennis Diehl, LMT


"Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, especially here in SC.  The temperatures start to get cooler.  One of my special places to go is "Pretty Place Chapel" just past Caesar's Head.  You can sit up in the pews and watch the calical colors of fall happening before your eyes. I love to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful views of God's creation below!
Fall also leads to family gatherings that lay ahead with the the holidays to come.
Enjoying cooler nights and days....AHHH fall! :)"

Rhonda Warlick, SCSS


"Fall reminds me on my hometown in Bavaria. There is nothing like the Alps in the fall after a long hike to be on top of the mountain and taking in the beautiful scenery:))"

Simone Hediger, SCSS

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