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1025 Woodruff Rd
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Jan 9, 2014 Therapist Thursday

'I like to use circular friction and circular effleurage in a lot of my sessions. It helps to pull apart tense muscle fibers that have formed tight bands; move toxins away from knotty areas; and most of all, it is relaxing. :-)'Victoria Shiffler, LMT "Massages are catered to each individual needs. I use a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Soft Tissue release, Reflexology...

Dec 19, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"The biggest threat to one's well being during the holidays is stress. Healthcare researchers attribute 75-90 percent of all health issues to stress. "It has been estimated that 75 – 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problem." - See more at: Holiday shopping,...

Nov 6, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"Massage is theraputic because it restores the body balance by touch. No synthetic medicines, surgery or exercise. The client's body is responding to this touch force, this energy, giving it the means to heal itself."Silvia Mariani, LMT"I think all modalities can be therapeutic because touch is very powerful, some clients may not get a lot of affection or nurturing touch...

Sep 17, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"The smell, the cooler air, and the energy behind it... Autumn is a season of contentment, peacefulness, and the connectivity a-rising from deep inside every one of us. A time of searching where we are currrently, and whether we are ready to move to a different place in life; or whether it is time to just be still for a little longer."Vee Shiffler, LMT "I love the colors...

Aug 28, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"Just ask! Your therapist will not be offended - in fact, they'll be glad you said something! A good therapist knows that every 'body' is unique and has different preferences."Vee Shiffler, LMT"As a therapist I try to give them the option before it comes to that, I will tell them to wiggle their fingers if I am going to deep. As a client you could request the same, 'if I wiggle...

Aug 15, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"Well it all depends on what the subject matter is, if it is something that warrants the therapist to comment about you may talk but overall it depends on the client, if they are talking you should respond, if they are not talking you shouldn’t  initiate conversation. It could disturb a moment of peace and serenity."Daryl Latimer, LMT"Talking...

Jul 11, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"Magnesium oil. Magnesium helps over 300 enzymatic processes in the body and is a main competent in muscle function.  It aids sore muscles by allowing them to relax."Gerrard Nivens, LMT "Slowly done, deep massage and rest, along with heat to stimulate circulation and cold packs to reduce swelling due to overuse, is one of the best ways to treat sore muscles."Dennis...

Jul 4, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"A good massage is when you feel like you can float away and the stress is gone. :)"Vee Shiffler, LMT"A good massage is when a client comes out of their room with that " Look" of just getting out of bed,relaxed, calm and refreshed.  I have had clients after a massage simply say AHHHHHH! Thanks, I needed that! I nod back to them and say I have done my job."Silvia Mariani,...

Jun 20, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"Swimming and traveling to the beach!"Vee Shiffler, LMT "Chillin on the lake with cold drinks, good food, and family."Jeremy Alford, LMT "Kayaking while looking for waterfalls in the upstate. And swimming of course."Donna Canipe, LMT   

Jun 13, 2013 Therapist Thursday

"My Poppa was a very shy and unselfish man. He and my mother gave me more than perhaps I gave back to them. He would often tell me that I was the future for a better, changing world and it made him happy and proud to see me in it.  All of what I gave back to him  the qualities of curosity, love of life and simple joy of being. These were reflections of himself...

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