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"How do I request a change in pressure without insulting the therapist?"

"How do I request a change in pressure without insulting the therapist?"

"Just ask! Your therapist will not be offended - in fact, they'll be glad you said something! A good therapist knows that every 'body' is unique and has different preferences."

Vee Shiffler, LMT

"As a therapist I try to give them the option before it comes to that, I will tell them to wiggle their fingers if I am going to deep. As a client you could request the same, 'if I wiggle my fingers, could you let up a little.' If you need deeper work, simply ASK! 'That feels great but would you mind trying a little more please?'.

Donna Canipe, LMT

" If it is a new client, I do not know their preference on "pressure".  Clients may have areas that they want  the therapist to go lighter or deeper.  The initial intake in the room is when I ask a client about any areas they do not want massaged and explain that as I go to different areas I will ask about pressure.  If it is a return client this may change from session to session depending on their needs. I let my client's know to let me know at anytime if they want more or less presuure. "Pressure" is subjective. Just ask for what you want for pressure, no offense taken."

Silvia Mariani, LMT

"It is never a insult for a client to request a change in pressure because the massage should be about meeting the client needs, If the client needs a change in pressure just ask and the therapist should gladly change his or her pressure to bring the client into ease."

Daryl Latimer, LMT



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