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What to Expect When You’re…Getting a Prenatal Massage: Four Expectations for Your First Prenatal Session

What to Expect When You’re…Getting a Prenatal Massage: Four Expectations for Your First Prenatal Session

Elements Massage Glendale

Pregnancy is a special period of physical and emotional transformation in a woman’s life. It’s a time in which an expectant mother can prepare for the growth of her family—and pamper herself a little more than usual! One of the best ways for mothers-to- be to take care of their bodies is through prenatal massage. Don’t let the name make you nervous: prenatal massage is similar to other massage modalities, but with special attention paid to the needs of expectant mothers. Here are four expectations to have as you plan for your first prenatal session:

1. To Lie on Your Side

During your prenatal massage, it will be most comfortable for you to lie on your side, rather than your back or stomach. Lying on your back can restrict blood flow and apply too much pressure to your abdomen, and should, therefore, be avoided. In a side-lying position, however, your knees and feet will be supported by specially designed pillows, which will help to keep your spine in alignment. Plan ahead for comfort by refraining from eating a large meal or drinking large amounts of liquid before your session.

2. Your Individual Needs to Be Met

Your prenatal massage is all about you! As a result, your wants and needs will be the priority of your massage therapist as he or she designs your session. There is no “one way” to give or receive a prenatal massage—although the recommended style is Swedish massage, which, by nature, soothes a number of common discomforts that pregnant women experience in relation to the skeletal and circulatory systems. Nevertheless, your prenatal massage can be as involved—or as gentle—as you’d like.

3. To Leave Feeling Great

Plan to feel refreshed and relaxed after your prenatal massage, which will last for 60-90 minutes, depending on your preferences. It’s likely that you’ll want to relax for the rest of the day. Let yourself! Your body knows what it needs: take some time to listen and take care of yourself.

4. Only the Best

At Elements Massage, we promise that you’ll receive the best in the industry—or your next massage is on us! We only allow massage therapists with specific training and certification in prenatal massage to perform the modality. Let us take care of your massage therapy needs during this wonderful time in your life! Schedule your next prenatal massage session by calling (623) 847-4050.

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