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Therapist Thursdays

Therapist Thursdays

Mandi P

From the therapists at Elements in Glendale, AZ.

Do I have to get completely undressed for massage therapy?


Some clients feel comfortable getting all the way undressed, but sometimes it is not necessary.  You can leave your undergarments on, however, if a client wants their entire back massages removing the bra and shirt is ideal. -- Natasha W.


You undress to your state of comfort.  For chair massage you stay clothed, but for table its up to the client.  Yes, it is easier when the client is undressed, but it is the clients decision.  A comfortable client will enjoy their session much more than an uncomfortable one. -- Jana S.


No, you do not.  We can work over clothing, however the effects of the massage are better when we are able to apply the lotion to the skin and have skin to skin contact.  We are able to strip the muscle better.  I tell most people, undress to what you are comfortable with.  I let them also know, most people undress completely or leave their underwear on.  When working over clothes you don't get the same flow, and its not all over, connecting strokes.  It's less relaxing than if we are able to work on skin. Of course, a client, no matter their state of undress is always professionally covered throughout the entire massage by our draping techniques. -- Brittany H.

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