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Elements Massage 19420 N 59th Ave, Suite E515
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19420 N 59th Ave
Suite E515
Glendale, AZ 85308

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 9am - 7pm

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Words of Wellness

Stress on Your Mind and Body

Stress on Your Mind and Body

Elements Massage Glendale

Did you know that stress could be deeply affecting your health and you might not even realize it? Trouble sleeping, lack of energy, decreased productivity, chronic headaches… there are a wide range of symptoms that can be attributed to stress.

Left unchecked, sustained levels of high stress can impact your mind and body. For example, health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, anxiety and more are exacerbated when stress is experienced on an ongoing basis.

Several ways that stress manifests include:

Body - chest pains, sleep issues, headaches, digestion problems
Mood - anxiety, irritability, sadness, depression, lack of motivation
Behavior - social withdrawal, less activity, quick to anger, overeating or undereating

To manage stress, we encourage our clients to develop positive management strategies that includes a combination of active and inactive ways like:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Quiet activities that includes relaxation
  • Reading books, watching movies
  • Getting good sleep

Massage to the Rescue
The calm and relaxing nature of massage can do wonders to combat life’s daily stressors and its impact. A therapeutic session with our team can reduce stress, release muscle aches and tension, and help set you on a refreshed course to health and wellness.

At our studio, we offer a range of services designed to address life’s modern stressors. Come talk to our team about how you are feeling and see what we can do for you.

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