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Refocus with Therapeutic Massage

Refocus with Therapeutic Massage

Staying focused throughout the day or even until the end of the week can sometimes be difficult, and there are a number of reasons why we have difficulty keeping our concentration. General fatigue, anxiety, feeling under the weather, low mood, and sleep deprivation are just a few of the reasons why keeping our attention on a task is more challenging than we would like it to be. Luckily, all of these causes can be helped with regular trips to a massage therapist.

Massage therapy, according to the American Massage Therapy Association, can help improve concentration by reducing tension and anxiety, boosting mood, bolstering immune system functioning, and improving sleep. Not bad for a single treatment. Massage therapy can reduce tension and anxiety by loosening knots in the muscles that can cause pain and stiffness from poor posture or maintaining uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. In addition, massage therapy also reduces the body’s production of stress hormones. Together, this will leave you feeling less stressed out and more relaxed in general. Along with the reduction in stress hormone production, massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, which can elevate mood. When you feel better mentally and physically – it’s easier to focus on the tasks in front of you. Massage therapy has also been linked to improved immune system functioning, which can help you stay on top of things by making sure you don’t get dragged down by infection! Finally, with less tension and stress plaguing you around bedtime, getting to sleep is much easier. Also, the quality of your sleep will improve.

Whether its school, work, care-giving, or getting through any kind of daily to-do list, staying focused on the task at hand is an important part of getting done. Improve your focus with regular therapeutic massage at Elements Massage Glendale, and see what you’re able to accomplish when you’re not exhausted, anxious, or fighting off a cold every other week.

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