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My Aching Feet!

My Aching Feet!

Elements Massage Glendale

“My feet are killing me!” is a phrase all too frequently heard and said. Long days on your feet at a job, running after energetic children, wearing uncomfortable shoes, athletic hiking or running, and especially more serious causes like joint pain or injury can all contribute to this ache. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain – it refers to the inflammation of a strip of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is common in runners, but anyone who is one their feet for extended lengths of time without proper foot support can develop it as well. It’s usually associated with a stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot that is most intense upon waking, but will recede as the joints and muscle limber up throughout the day. You can always take pain relievers to help manage the symptoms – but that’s the only thing that it will be able to do. Mask the symptoms, not treat the problem.

Massage therapy, particularly deep tissue massage, can go a long way in treating the symptoms as well as the underlying causes of foot pain. Even just ten minutes of deep tissue massage when combined with stretching has been shown to alleviate that pain and tension associated with plantar fasciitis. Ten minutes of deep tissue massage can fit into many physical therapy sessions and any massage therapy sessions as well. In fact, it would only take up a fraction of that time, giving the therapist ample opportunity to work on other areas that may be indirectly affected by the chronic foot pain. Walking awkwardly in order to avoid causing you discomfort can put stress on other muscles and tissues. This can lead to muscle tightening that might need some attention from the therapist in order to relax them back into functioning more normally. Living with foot pain, whether it is caused by something diagnosable like plantar fasciitis or by the day-to-day grind, can be a drain on our energy and health. Therapeutic massage can help reduce the pain and work to heal the underlying causes of it as well. If you’re finding yourself kicking off your shoes more and more frequently or wincing as you walk, call Elements Massage Glendale and book an appointment! 623.847.4050

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