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Massage for Athletes

Massage for Athletes

Elements Massage Glendale

In the midst of box-gym explosions, cross-training programs like Crossfit and Strongman have been gaining traction and making athletes out of regular gym-goers. While not quite in the realm of professional athletes, these contemporary gym rats would do well to incorporate massage into their active lifestyles to capitalize on the powerful benefits of massage.

As a tangible and non-pharmacological way to improve performance, massage can reduce aches and pains, prevent injuries, encourage focus, and aid in shortening recovery times through two basic types of bodily responses:

  1. Reflex Response
    The reflex response is the body’s nerve response upon the stimulation of a massage.
  2. Mechanical Response
    The mechanical response refers to the body’s reaction to the manipulation of tissue and muscle during the application of pressure and movement used in massage.

Types of Massage
For those with highly active lifestyles or the sport enthusiast, sports massage is often the most recommended type of massage. This approach includes stretching and some deep tissue work targeted at specific muscle groups that are in frequent use. It can deliver greater flexibility and reduce soreness when delivered pre or post-workout.

Another popular type of massage is deep tissue massage. This entails heavy and sometimes uncomfortable pressure applied to specific muscles to help alleviate the build up of any knots or tension.

In addition to the physical benefits, massage also can introduce a variety of psychological effects. This can be quite important for the competitive athlete. Able to induce a deep sense of relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety, massage can help boost the production of dopamine and serotonin to allow you to achieve a lowered-tension state, which may up your ability to focus.

Whatever category you fit in, our our team of experts is standing by to address your unique needs. 

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Comments (1)

Darren McNally on Feb 15, 2018
I am an active person who lifts weights 4 days a week and also attend Krav Maga classes twice a week. I have a recurring injury on my lower left leg regarding the peroneol nerve. I had a serious car accident 9 years ago and had to have reconstructive surgery on my cruciate ligament. I was quite badly injured for a couple of years directly after but managed to get myself almost back to were i was in terms of activity apart from running, that was and still is very difficult for me. 2 years ago however i had a herniated disc in my back which was pushing on my sciatic nerve which in turn affected my peroneol nerve in my lower left leg. This left me with a very serious case of footdrop and my leg was basically paralysed for almost a year until it slowly finally regained strength. Anyway the point of my story is ever since this footdrop injury, i have suffered from serious nerve pain in this area (lower left shin: peroneol nerve area) on and off since, usually ocurring if i have overtrained, which i stupidly tend to do. Would a deep sports massage twice a month be enough to prevent further injury??