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Environmental Allergies and How Massage Can Help

Environmental Allergies and How Massage Can Help

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If you’ve ever suffered from seasonal or environmental allergies, you know firsthand that symptoms like watery and itchy eyes and skin, constant sneezing and breathing difficulties, and the resulting headaches can majorly detract from your quality of life. In fact, they can interfere with your ability to interact with your family, friends, or coworkers and inhibit you from participating in the activities that you love and enjoy.

With summer here, there’s no point in wasting the beautiful days outside hiding away from allergies. Did you know that the most common allergic reactions are to the following:

  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Grass
  • Weeds
  • Moulds
  • Cedar

With many of these native to the Valley of the Sun, we are standing by to help you through your suffering with massage.

How Allergies Work
Before you can beat allergies, it’s important to understand how they work and how traditional methods of over-the-counter medicines can affect your body. The technical definition of an allergy is:

-A medical condition that causes someone to become sick after eating, touching, or breathing something that is harmless to most people.

-An altered bodily reactivity or hypersensitivity to an antigen.

-An exaggerated or pathological immunological reaction to substances, situations, or physical states.

Together, these definitions amount to the description of a hypersensitivity disorder where your body reacts when it perceives a threat to its wellbeing. This reaction most often includes producing a series of antibodies and histamines that give off the symptoms associated with “having allergies.” When you take OTC medicine, the drugs encourage your system to produce anti-histamines to counter the production of histamines but oftentimes these medicines can lead to drowsiness, dehydration, or other side effects.

How Massage Can Help

Massage is an excellent tool to help combat environmental allergies through encouraging your body to relax. When you body is able to reach a calm state, this slows the reaction to allergens and helps to decrease the production of histamines.

It also lowers the production of cortisol, the stress hormone that is known to exacerbate allergic conditions. When you are able to achieve a more relaxed state of being, anxiety and stress levels decrease, allowing your blood circulation and oxygenation to increase. After that, less mucus and phlegm are produced and you begin to breath easier.

The next time allergies attack, instead of heading to your local pharmacy, consider booking an appointment with one of our expert therapists to help you find the relief you are looking for through a more holistic approach.

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