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Diminishing Sciatica Pain

Diminishing Sciatica Pain

Elements Massage Glendale

Known for its intense shooting pains, if you suffer from sciatica you are probably all too familiar with the sciatic nerve bundle as a source of relentless agitation and ache. Originating in the lower back and sacral area, the sciatic nerve bundle travels throughout the upper leg muscles and even trails into the lower leg area.

Most often pain is caused when some type of movement or activity places pressure on this tender nerve bundle. Weather from a herniated disc, a pinched nerve, the extra weight of pregnancy, or even a simple muscle strain, sciatica pain results from inflammation or pressure on this sensitive area. In addition, sciatica can also be aggravated by scar tissue, spinal tumors, joint problems or infections.

Helpful Massage
As a great way to ease the uncomfortable and painful sensations of sciatica pain, including tingling or numbness, massage offers a soothing treatment to combat this difficult condition. Through the act of long, stroking motions and the application of a gentle pressure, massage boosts circulation to increase oxygenation of the bloodstream. This can help encourage alleviation of the severity of pain and deliver targeted attention to critical muscle groups located in the lower back, leg, and hip areas.

To make the most of your session and maximize the pain-relieving benefits of massage, our talented staff at Elements Massage Glendale encourages you to drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated, try utilizing ice and heat in combination to decrease pain, avoid long periods of inactivity, and as best as possible, try to eat a healthy, balanced diet that avoids too much sugar.

We are here to help you find a strategy that works for you. If you suffer from sciatica, come talk to our expert team about how we can diminish the pain and help you unlock relief!

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