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What a Hot Stone Massage Is Really Like

What a Hot Stone Massage Is Really Like

Emily Allison

Most people only know of hot stone massages based on what they see on luxury spa commercials—a person laying on their stomach with a row of small dark stones on their spine, looking inexplicably relaxed. But a hot stone massage is so much more than that!


Rather than being strictly a “style” of massage, hot stone massage is more of a “technique” that can be combined with several different styles. Hot stone massage involves the heating of small stones in a water bath that slowly warms the rocks from the outside in over the course of an hour or two to 125-135°F. Because of this slow and thorough warming process, the stones then hold this heat well throughout the massage and provided added warmth and relaxation.


The stones can be applied in a straight line like one often sees in commercials, but this is usually to help relax the muscles at the application site while the massage therapist works on another area, such as hands or feet. The therapist then uses the stones like a tool in their hand, pressing into the muscle and allowing them to get deeper and firmer than they otherwise might with just their hands. The technique of hot stone massage is often combined with deep tissue massage for this reason, because the firm and hot stones lend themselves well to working out deeply held knots and problem areas. However, hot stones can also be used with regular relaxation massage, sports massage, and other styles.


The heat, pressure, relaxation and depth potential of hot stones make them an excellent choice for those who need a little extra of any of those. Especially as the weather turns cooler outside, a hot stone massage can be an amazing way to relax and warm up at the same time!


Since it takes some time to warm up the stones for a hot stone massage, it is not a service that can be added last minute but must be booked in advance. At Elements Massage Franklin, we always recommend that hot stone massage be combined with a massage that is at least 90 minutes in length in order to get maximum relaxation benefits. To schedule your hot stone massage today, give us a call at (615) 771-0003 or visit to learn more. 

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