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Stay True to your Health Goals in 2016

Stay True to your Health Goals in 2016

Emily Allison

An Easy Way to Stay True to Your Health Goals in the New Year

As soon as the holidays come to a close, most people will be focusing on tightening their belts, watching what they eat, and setting new health and fitness goals for the new year. This can be a great opportunity to reset and refocus, think about what is really important, and prioritize your mental and physical health after an extremely busy season that revolves around unhealthy foods.

Unfortunately, when people set these goals, many will stick to them for a few weeks then lose motivation partway through January and never step foot in the gym again until May. What makes the difference between those who stick to their goals and those who let them fall by the wayside?

Different motivational tactics work for different people, but one of the most oft-overlooked ways of keeping true to any goal is the realm of public and communal accountability. Like most things in life, a healthy lifestyle is nearly impossible to achieve if you are doing it alone. At Elements Massage Franklin, we believe a healthy lifestyle is best lived in community, and that is why, individually and as a company, there are a number of things we do each and every year to offer our clients various ways to stay on track all year round.

We are continuing to sponsor and participant in the Franklin Be Healthy Challenge, which runs several times a year. For 12 weeks, the program encourages those who sign up to “be healthy” in a number of different ways—through being active on a regular basis, eating well, and receiving education and training on how to sustain a truly healthy lifestyle.

This January, Elements Massage Franklin will also be participating in the annual Health Fair at the Franklin YMCAalong with dozens of other health, wellness, and nutrition vendors from the area. We will be showcasing how regular massage fits into an overall plan for health in your life, as well as enjoying networking with other Franklin businesses that are passionate about health and enjoying delicious and nutritious food from our favorite places like Nine Fruits Smoothies.

No matter how you choose to motivate yourself, making a plan and setting a goal on the calendar is essential to staying on track. Whether you are running a marathon, a 5k, or anything in between, having a date to look forward to on the calendar will help you remember your priorities and keep your own wellness at the front of your mind!

And whenever you need a little tune-up, be sure and make an appointment at Elements Massage Franklin. View all of our massage services and specials online at, or call (615) 771-0003 to book a visit or to speak to one of our highly trained therapists.

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