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Elements Massage Welcomes First Time Clients

Elements Massage Welcomes First Time Clients

Rick Meeks

Massage therapy has many benefits ranging from pain alleviation to enhancing immunity and let us be honest, it feels amazing. However, some people are hesitant to take advantage of everything massage has to offer and we would like to help alleviate some of those fears for first time clients.


What Kind Of Massage Experience Are You Looking For?

Each client has a different goal in mind when considering massage therapy and we cater to those needs to make sure his or her experience is worth remembering.


At the time of scheduling, we will discuss your needs and expectations. Do you want to simply relax and fall asleep on the table? Do you have knots in your back or a crick in your neck that needs special attention? Are you more comfortable with a male or female therapist? Once we know exactly what you desire, we match you up with the ideal massage therapist to deliver the massage you want every time.


Are You Currently Seeing A Doctor For Anything?

There are times when massage therapy is not appropriate based on your physical situation. At the start of our initial consultation, we will ask if there are any medical conditions we need to be aware of and your response will determine if we can proceed with the service. Certain conditions may require a release from your doctor before we can continue, so make sure you are physically capable of handling a massage before you request an appointment.


Do I Leave My Clothes On Or Off?

The comfort of our clients is of the utmost importance. Some clients prefer to be completely undressed, while others prefer to keep garments on. You will dress and undress in the privacy of your massage room and you can rest assured knowing that you will be covered with linens and a blanket throughout the entire service.


During the hands-on portion of your massage, only the areas your therapist is currently working on will be exposed and only after receiving your consent. That way you can stay warm and comfortable throughout your experience.


How Much Of The Massage Session Is Hands-On?

The easiest way to answer this is to use our 1 hour massage session as an example. During a 1 hour session, 50 minutes will be hands-on. Your therapist will use the 5 minutes prior to the hands-on portion to discuss any special needs or attention you require and the latter 5 minutes to suggest recommendations for the future based on your individual needs.


This formula translates to our other services as follows: 90 minute massages have 80 minutes of hands-on and 2 hour massages have 110 minutes of hands-on.


Can I Talk During The Massage Session?

Of course you can, but if you want things to be quiet that is okay too! Your massage therapist will periodically check in to make sure you are comfortable and the pressure is to your liking, but beyond that it is up to you.  Do whatever makes you happiest!


Elements Massage, Franklin

Not all massages are created equal and we invite you to experience the highest rated massage in the industry. Our personal commitment to ensure your needs are met and remain as comfortable as possible will provide you with relaxation, rejuvenation, and therapeutic relief every time!


When you are ready for a wonderful massage experience, request an appointment with our studio today at 615-771-0003 or visit us online at for a complete listing of all of our services and more. 

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