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Healing for Runners

Healing for Runners

Elements Massage Desert Ridge

Although a great form of exercise, running can take a toll on your body. As a high-impact activity, running is performed through the repetitive movements of stride. Whether you are training for your first or next marathon, a social runner with friends, or a person that likes the blank headspace of a trail alone on an infrequent Saturday, there are a few specific ways you should care for your body to ensure you stay healthy and injury free.

A massage is an excellent tool for any runner’s toolkit. Through the kneading movements and the application of pressure, a regular massage practice can stimulate your circulatory system and encourage better blood flow. Better circulation means more oxygen to help your muscles recover. It also can help process toxins quicker so your legs are refreshed and ready to go.

Addresses Fatigue

Running or any type of training program with an increased workload can leave you feeling depleted. Whether feelings of muscle fatigue, exhaustion, or pain, you need to refill your care tank. Massage does just that. It can target specific tight muscle groups, work out muscle knots or trigger points, and help rejuvenate your overall system.

Promotes Good Flexibility

Most athletes know that good range of motion and flexibility can help keep the body running smoothly. Body mechanics rely on how efficiently your musculoskeletal system works to performs tasks. To stay appropriately limber, massage can help develop your range of motion and encourage stretching.

Physical Relaxation

Taking breaks to re-energize should be a key part of your training. Exercise can be great for the mind and body but overdoing it leaves you susceptible to injuries and pain. One of the best ways to replenish your physical and mental wellness is to hit pause on the runs, and seek out a massage to refresh and restore your system.

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